You are cordially invited to join the Friends of the Union Cemeteries. The purpose of this membership is to bring together Lodi and Harrisville Twp. residents who are concerned with the maintenance, beautification, and perpetuation of our two Lodi Village cemeteries and two Harrisville Twp. cemeteries.

The Friends of the Cemeteries will provide an advocacy group which will work in conjunction with the Lodi Village, Harrisville Twp., and the Union Cemetery Board. Our Friends board consist of Co-Presidents Letha Mapes and Chris Goodrow, Vice President Cathy Wells and Sec’y/Treasurer Jarred Grant.

We have established a nonprofit ( 501c3) and a bank account at the Lodi Huntington Bank. There is great importance in the support and interest of our cemeteries, and we need to work together to improve current conditions not only in the future, but as a tribute to the memory of those who in the past established their grounds as memorial parks.